January 28, 2011

A Birthday Poem for Cooper

Oh, my little Coopy man
Before I met you
I never could have imagined
How great a love...
How abundant the delight!

My furry heart.


Anonymous said...

What a handsome guy and lovely tribute. Blessings to you and to Cooper.

neil said...

oh cant seem to get a poem out mrs life in creation,have been getting angry today,allways effects writing a poem,I wrote an angry one on les's but I cant seem to get back to peaceful zone,,I should know better but sometimes cant help it...so am going to try again tomorrow

respects and love

Erin Parsley said...

no worries neil. just stopping by is all good. no expectations for poems here. yes it is hard to open to the muse when the outer world is so concerning.

neil said...

streams of wild indigo
free ever shine
rising of sun bird
weaving through time
tail feather crescents
future and old
evergreen meadows
sun warming cold
hold of life living
expressions vibrate
essence of flower
roll the rain make
the bow of the lightning
roar of the fire
a humm of a river
reaching of higher


neil said...

for you mrs life and cooper...respects

nina said...

That was simply beautiful neil, all the anger repressed for another day.

Happy belated Birthday to you, darling Cooper. I love you. Sending fur pats and nose smoothings your way. You are a member of a very special internet community of animal people, not breeders or show-ers, just bloggers who put up pictures and stories about their best friends, like you, you handsome, intelligent fellow.

The French philosopher, Lamartine, once said The more I see of my countrymen, the more I prefer my dogs.

May this be a super year for you and your soulmate.

Love, nina

Erin Parsley said...

Cooper and I thank you Nina. Your love is reciprocated.

And am in complete agreement with Lamartine!