February 28, 2011

All that you're seeking already exists...

Pray without ceasing
Embody the feeling
Of that which you're seeking
With all of your being
No need to "pray for" 
To plead, or implore
The answers you seek
Aren't so far as you think
They already exist 
Open up, don't resist
Help is found all around
Call it up, bring it down
So to open the door,
Feel it down to your core
It is already there:
All your answers to prayer

February 20, 2011

Time Dissolving

Within the 
universal field of love
time and space 
all that was 
and ever will be,
right now.

But the 'be' is where?

And the 'now' is when?

February 15, 2011

In winter's midst

steel gray white silver blue
deep shadows retreating
into mountain crevices
clouds covering sky hidden
sun shining in memories
of warm breezes
while cold winds
announce their presence
with lashing strikes
of frigid air                                    

creation quiet
life is sleeping
concealed under 
a white carpet                         
heavy and thick
dreams in hibernation
energies contract            
conserving being
internal spark simmering
at a low temperature
just enough to maintain
what is needed

dark falls early and lasts long
patience required
and trust too
that which feels dead, 
which feels lost, which feels gone
still exists, waiting in silence
readying itself for renewal
as winter slowly exits
and spring returns      

February 12, 2011

Joe Bageant update

Good news: Joe is out of the hospital, and back at home where he is continuing chemotherapy as an outpatient.  

More details can be found on his website: 
Joe Bageant: an update

Wishing you continued healing Mr Bageant.  Keep up the fighting spirit.

February 8, 2011

Ode to Joe

Joe Bageant, a wonderfully astute, tell-it-like-it-is writer who never fails to pierce the heart of modern day society's lunacy with wit and humor, has fallen gravely ill, as he explains here:    A note from Joe

My Ode to Joe
Dear Joe:
just so you know,
I love your writing,
yeah I love your prose
You've made me smile
all the way down to my toes
now I'm sending you healing
all the way up to your nose
So this little rhyme
though it ain't worth a dime,
was written to say
please God, let him stay -
don't send Bageant away!

A favorite snippet of Bageant writing:

"The tiniest right action, the action in complete unself-conscious natural awareness, connects to all the rightness in the universe. And the universe is always right. Because it owns all of our asses, plus black holes, and those teensy pinholes in time that physicist say make you an immediate neighbor of Shakespeare and mastodons -- only you don't know it. It owns the molecules of the ages. Everything."

Best wishes for the best outcome Joe, and peace in the journey.