March 29, 2013

~ Honoring You, Nanny ~

On March 29th, 2002 @ Noon on Good Friday,
you took your last breath in this lifetime,
and made your transition to Spirit.

I was honored to be there in that moment,
to witness your passage home.

I know you are with me, 
and with all your family who loves you so much.
I feel you every day.

Love, like Life never dies.

I love you Nanny.

~~~~~~~{ }**{ }~~~~~~~

March 22, 2013

Journey Home

I Am the Voyager
Through Illusion
My compass pointed
Past Duality
Into the Quantum
Outside of time and space
Truth exists
Where the All
Is Always Everything
And never ends
As it did not begin
Where I cannot find
What I am looking for
Because it was never lost
It only appeared to be
I Am the Voyager
Past Illusion
Into the Great Beyond
(I am taking my heart, and)
I will meet you there, my Love

March 8, 2013


Feminine Rising ~ by Erin Parsley


You are Beauty
You are Strength
You are Wisdom
You are Love
You are Comfort
You are Peace
You are Fierce
You are Free
You are the Mystery of Creation
embodied in form, 
Life flows through
the Sacred Vessel of your being
Nourishing this world into existence
Birthing dreams into form
You are Luminous
You are Knowing
You are Endowing
You are Radiant
You are Brilliant
You are Woman

To all my Sisters, 
please remember you are full of Light and Beauty, 
and your essence is innocence and infinite perfection.

Let us celebrate ourselves today, 
in honor of International Women's Day.

I Love You,
~ Erin ~