November 13, 2013

Join Erin in Chico ~ in LUMINOSITY & LIFE DANCE

~ LUMINOSITY ~ an intimate solo show ~ 2:00pm - 3:15pm 

An intimate dance and spoken word performance by ERIN PARSLEY (dancer ~ choreographer ~ dance educator ~ transformational leader & speaker ~ poet ~ mystic ~ nature lover ~ organic gardener)                                                       

Journey through illuminated realms of radiant being as you share in Erin's sublimely expressive presence, luscious improvisational movement, & uplifting poetry inspired by Creation & the Divine. 

Be drawn into a sacred space of love & magic as you witness her flow of energy & words in motion. 

Erin is excited to return to Chico and share her inspired artistry with you! 

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~ LIFE DANCE ~ an experiential workshop ~ 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Discover the creative, passionate gift that you are and flow into harmony with your body, through a transformative experience interweaving movement as meditation, joyful self-reflection and sacred expression.  

Discover your self-love, value and worthiness, as you realize the innocent, infinite YOU that is untouched by any life experience.  

Your ESSENCE is perfect.  Your spirit is BEAUTY.  Tap into your true freedom and let Life Dance Through You! 

~ Facilitated by your loving guide ERIN PARSLEY ~

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***To find out how you can attend this workshop for FREE, email me at lifeincreation at***

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Watch videos clips of Erin in LUMINOSITY here:

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“Luminous… Soul dancing… Soul speaking!
Openness, humility, beauty, heart.”
~ Susan Wooldridge

“Beautiful ethereal and masterful dancing. Channeling of beautiful spiritual energy. 
Through dance and spoken word.”
~ Peter Laughton

"Inspiring me to dance life more like I used to! Thank you for your beauty & energy!
~ Jodee Merrill

“I danced with you tonight. I moved and expressed and ached and cried and soared with you.
You read poetry then danced it right into my spirit …
Thank you for smiling so often.”
~ Cathy Buckley 

~ Toby Dunbar

November 4, 2013

Join Erin LIVE in San Francisco ~ in LUMINOSITY

Erin is excited to return to the Bay Area (her first appearance in 7 years!) and share her inspired artistry with you! 

Tuesday November 12th @ 7pm ~ Forest Hill Christian Church, San Francisco

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Join the Facebook event here:

Watch videos clips of Erin in LUMINOSITY here: