November 28, 2012

Lunar eclipse (and the sphere of all possibilities)

Angels surround you
Dreaming the answers
Finding the way
Head fighting
Heart guiding
Learning to listen
Honoring joy
Honoring play

Trusting & opening
To divine intuition
Answers appearing...
The clues all around
Entering the zero point
Source of creation
Feminine ~ masculine
Dark ~ light
Perfect balance is found

November 18, 2012

God's Not Dead ~ for Visible

Thank you Les Visible 
for reminding us
that despite appearances
it's all under control,
and the Divine has our back!

With love and gratitude,
~ Erin ~

November 6, 2012

keep your dreams alive...

keep your dreams alive...

for they are in divine escrow
waiting for you to allow them to be
waiting for you to open up to receive
waiting for you to raise your frequencies 
to become that which is in alignment
with all that you see
as your passionate & joyful possibilities!!