November 28, 2012

Lunar eclipse (and the sphere of all possibilities)

Angels surround you
Dreaming the answers
Finding the way
Head fighting
Heart guiding
Learning to listen
Honoring joy
Honoring play

Trusting & opening
To divine intuition
Answers appearing...
The clues all around
Entering the zero point
Source of creation
Feminine ~ masculine
Dark ~ light
Perfect balance is found


Anonymous said...

Of golden mountain
And precious jewels
The holding cup
Of beauty's view
In loving footsteps
The path of dreams
Where hearts meald
In flowing streams
Of heightened whispers
And senses ride
The chords of all things
Where hearts arrive
In churning oceans
calming waves
That touch the breeze
Of loves true aim

Erin Parsley said...

nice neil... it has a good rhythm

Anonymous said...

happy celestial events,

to you.

that vibrational resonant frequency thingy...and all



to the end

to start again

the paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual

speaking of rhythm

shucks Erin,
you shore do dance purty



Anonymous said...

I can never seem to get into those YouTube clips,,
Anyway nice info Davy

And brilliant poem yourself Erin,nice picture too

actually that was one of squiffs poems Erin


Erin Parsley said...

thanks davy. :-)

i enjoyed that youtube song. very mystical... nice.

while the pain's a part of the game, i think the best way to gain through pain is to not judge it (the pain) or be attached to it while it's happening. only then can we fully move through it and receive its blessing (and it doesn't become debilitating, but rather empowering).

neil... i'm impressed squiff can type! (or does he dictate to you telepathically?)

Anonymous said...

Squif is a girl cat,Erin,,,
I think she is telepathicaly inducing the messages through the che Guevara flag in my room,,,,but I'm not sure,,, : )