January 28, 2011

A Birthday Poem for Cooper

Oh, my little Coopy man
Before I met you
I never could have imagined
How great a love...
How abundant the delight!

My furry heart.

January 20, 2011

to your good heart

caring heart
so evident
I've never met
one like you
who shines 
love deep
who shines
love true
my anchor 
and strength
you have become
and so i'm blessed
that you're 
my one

January 13, 2011

the long view

contemplating stillness
outward in
timelessness existing
before all began
ancient trees standing
sheltering sky
me on the ground
watching birds as they fly
beauty becoming
the focus, the way
sacred path walking
going deeper each day
finding the meaning
in that which transcends
humans and culture
running straight to their end
opening perception
on history and time
taking the long view
reveals true timeline
humans are newborns
in the world of the real
Source animating
the universal life field

January 8, 2011

Star Song

© Form and Function
Winter sky
Starry night
Brilliant lights
Shining bright
Pierce the dark
Wrapped so tight
All around
Our culture found
These celestial jewels
Beam down on fools
Ignoring now
This cosmic school
Ancients saw
Vast knowledge there
Look up
See right
Gain true insight

January 2, 2011

My Views of the New Year...

brilliant sunny winter day

with shining bits of crystal snow
floating down from above
sparkling little sun catchers
on a meandering dance through air and space