January 13, 2011

the long view

contemplating stillness
outward in
timelessness existing
before all began
ancient trees standing
sheltering sky
me on the ground
watching birds as they fly
beauty becoming
the focus, the way
sacred path walking
going deeper each day
finding the meaning
in that which transcends
humans and culture
running straight to their end
opening perception
on history and time
taking the long view
reveals true timeline
humans are newborns
in the world of the real
Source animating
the universal life field


Anonymous said...

love this poem. and i love you. thank you for enriching my life.

neil said...

inner silent
gentle whisper
reaching timeless
far the river
inner upper
rush the sky
riding wingtip
trails of high
cycle circle
wander far
brush the art
heart engaged
embrace of truth
lift within
the conscious root