March 27, 2011

very small
holding in 
energy still, not wishing to expend
or expand
wanting to be 
just be
not do, not think, not figure it out, not plan
just be

contracting my energetic circle
to include just a few
just those whom 
i trust
have been with me
through it all
and will be through it all to come
great spirit willing

so lucky am i 
to have met you
showing me other ways
than those with which i was conditioned
what is the point to life other 
than our spirit's evolution?
than our soul's satisfaction?
is that to be found in cultural ideas of success and meaning?
must we conform to being worthy, 
through ego enriching feats of accomplishment?

there is a vast universe that exists
beyond the fickle constructs of humans
we are trapped in mental fictions, 
a very small and limiting collectively agreed-upon reality
being told it is all there is, we know no better
and diminish our potential to meet those parameters

stepping outside of delineated borders
is a process, continual, 
needing attention
and intention
stepping outside of the prescribed realm 
leaves one exposed
(but free)
and so i draw my own energetic circle 
of being, which protects me 
while also connects me 
to the unlimited infinite of the universe
the true potential 

March 18, 2011


Waves of destruction
Earth shaking change
Massive upheaval
Nuclear rain?
Finding the center,
safe space to exist
Pondering how to
make sense of all this?
The heart calls one inward
Reaching for calm
Breathing in stillness
Spirit soothed, healing balm

March 11, 2011

Gaia Rising

A gift of Grace
Was given to me
My eyes have been opened

So now may I see
A glimpse of the Truth
Of what is
And shall be ....

The old world decays
Rots away as it dies
Taking down with it those
Who clench tight 
To its lies.

The New Earth is rising
It is time for her now   
To cast off those
Who shun her
They will not be allowed
To stand in the way of
Her great destiny
All is moving ahead
Conscious energies expand 
Awake! Awake!
Arise from the dead!

Can you feel it, the change?
Can you hear it, the call?
It is time to go forth
In newness and light
As we walk in awareness
We then cannot fall.

The Great Shift is here
All the Universe awaits
Join with Gaia
Rise Up
As the hour is late
We are invited to align
With her vibrational state
Feel the flow
Open your soul