May 21, 2011

Time Now

indigo sky
hot pink moon
fires raging
change coming soon
energies rising
quickening time
consciousness calls us
constrained mind
awareness expanding
the heart blooming wide
vast love amplifying
the darkness will hide
deep trust
damning fear
the two realms divide
a new world awaits
come along for the ride

choose love
banish hate
there is no time
like now
as this great cycle ends
ascension opens
but how?
be humble
seek truth
live in thanks
every day
be still
know your heart
it will show you the way

May 1, 2011

Farther yet Closer

The world of humans is falling away
The real world is drawing nearer

Creation whispers in my heart ...
I can hear her now

In silent spaciousness
The infinite universe becomes me

The veil dissolving