December 31, 2010

Sacred Fire

In my heart            
Ever glowing
Flame of
Divine Love
Greeting me
As I awaken
In the morning
Acompanyning me
Until my sleep
At night
Warming embers
Of Truth
Burning away
All falsehood
Eternal Vision
Every moment
Without fail
To All That Is

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

After a heavy cloud cover all day, the sun is now shining through and burning away 
the clouds, revealing blue skies and snowy peaks all around.  
I have been waiting for this, 
as I sensed the returning light would reveal itself on this day of Christmas.

May the Inner Light that exists in all of us
be birthed anew on this day, 
and may you beam your true inner radiance out into the world 
(a world that in this time needs us all to shine brightly and unfettered).

Peace and rich blessings to all ......

Contentment in the Space of Creation

How amazing that I get to exist amongst all this beauty every day.

What an honor.

I am humbled by the infinite variety, intelligence, and perfection of nature.

An intricate pattern of co-existing magnificence all around me.