December 31, 2010

Sacred Fire

In my heart            
Ever glowing
Flame of
Divine Love
Greeting me
As I awaken
In the morning
Acompanyning me
Until my sleep
At night
Warming embers
Of Truth
Burning away
All falsehood
Eternal Vision
Every moment
Without fail
To All That Is


neil said...

rising heart
warm a fire
lifting life
sacred higher
flowing truth
natures way
rush within
song bird play
sound of meadow
touching heart
river race
light in charge
a volt of union
living flow
lift within
heart arose


Erin Parsley said...

hi neil,

yay, it worked! nice to see you here. may I put your poem on my sidebar as a way to christen my new space?

neil said...

of course you can mrs parsley,its your poem and I am honored that you would want to do that,thankyou..
also its a nice space you have over here for writing poems,feels good sort of relaxing
the poem I wrote for you pretty much wrote itself
when ever you write anything or make a new dance up or anything I will try and write a poem for you as a sort of thankyou for trying to help in these crazy times...

peace and respects mrs parsley,have a nice day

Erin Parsley said...

neil, i'm glad you enjoy being here. one of my intentions with this site is to transmit some of the beauty and inspiration i am blessed to experience in this majestic place. i am gratified to hear that it is reaching you over the electronic airwaves...

looking forward to mutual creative sharing.