September 26, 2011

I Am/We Are/You Are: towards Christ Consciousness

I Am
The Way
The Truth
and The Life
Whomever comes to the Source
through their own Divinity
will access Me,
and will be combined in Love
through grace 
with the Great Light -
the animating force
of the universe...
of All That Is.

September 6, 2011

In Your Eyes of Love I Am

In Your Eyes of Love I Am

The true reflection 
I could never see 
Until my own eyes 
Opened to Your glory 
Manifest in All Creation

Now I see You everywhere
And feel You in All
And especially, in Myself

Life vibrates with the frequency of 
Your Infinite Love 
The originating force of
The Universe
And all beings yearn
For the reflection of their true selves
As unique expressions of the 
One Divine Light