July 14, 2016

Erin as a featured guest on the Healers United Global Summit

Watch Erin as a featured guest on the Healers United Global Summit:

"Healers United Global Summit" is about the stories of these Speakers/Healers/Thought Leaders and their interaction with those in need as they work to mend the mind, spirit and physical body to help people in their communities live more fulfilling lives.  If you're feeling lost or confused, this Summit will help you find the path on your own mystical journey.

The Speakers are intuitive, perceptive, insightful, sensible, warm funny and motivating."

Hosts: Heather Ellis-Drake and Ginny Jones

June 10, 2016

Erin Parsley performing 3 new works in collaboration with world-renowned musician Carlos Reyes

RAW presents Erin Parsley with Carlos Reyes and Blue Scorpion Dance Theater at SAFEhouse Arts @ 1 Grove St. in San Francisco

Weds-Thurs, June 29-30 at 8PM

$10-20 Sliding Scale CASH ONLY at the door

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Erin Parsley, with her uniquely luscious blend of improvisational contemporary dance infused with ballet - will be appearing in an exciting new collaboration with world renowned violinist/harpist Carlos Reyes - for an experience of thrilling dance accompanied by live music, that will ignite passion and excitement in the hearts of viewers.


Following a 2 year hiatus Blue Scorpion Dance Theater is celebrating it’s re­emergence this June. This new for 2016 work will be choreographer Frederick Gaudette’s first large format piece in 3 years. Set to Ludovico Einaudi’s album Una Mattina, this as yet unnamed piece will explore connections and dynamics between contrasting and complementing ideas, emotions, and forms.

Photo by Bay Area Dance Photography

Sponsored by RAW (resident artist workshop) a residency program of SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts.

January 3, 2016

Erin performing in the SF Movement Arts Festival

100+ local artists in Dance, Theater & Music – 

SFMAF will be celebrating the new yr 2016 & past yr 2015 in movement arts of the SF/Bay Area – as we turn the entire Cathedral into a stage – including upstairs main church, downstairs conference center, gymnasium, hallways & 3 chapels. As audience enters Grace, performances will be going on, simultaneously, throughout the grand cathedral. There’ll be over 14 Stations of the Movement (performances) , each will have a unique subject & title – few will be religious in nature, most will not. There’s no specific order as it’s A Walkabout in Grace thru the Movement Arts.

Few stations will have music, some in silence, others w/verbal speaking or chanting. There’ll even be a “Movement Choir” like you’ve never seen before.

As you stroll around, at your own pace, to witness the movement artists, we’ll be celebrating plus saluting the history of dance, theater and music. In addition, giving a special nod to Grace Cathedral itself by honoring the space, the leaders and staff of the Church. There will be plenty of areas to sit and rest as you go.

Local artists will be presenting new works, custom designed for the interior sites of the Cathedral. Like attending a Farmer’s Market of performances…

There will be a dessert reception w/Performance Antics downstairs afterward – all invited & you won’t want to miss this. 

Info: www.SFMAF.org Join us!

July 27, 2015

Erin's Full Moon Dance

(video of Erin's Full Moon Dance @ https://youtu.be/eFTPSpk8Fv8)

I had a wonderful time dancing barefoot in the grass under the stunning sunset, and magnificent rising full moon .....

it was Pure Magic!

(the video quality isn't the greatest, but you can see the moon in the second half of the video)

June 1, 2015

Senior Citizens rocking it in a Dance Flash Mob led by Erin Parsley

(video of Senior Dance Flash Mob led by Erin https://youtu.be/o9cdk48EwOM)
On December 5th, 2014, the audience attending the Paradise Valley Estates annual Christmas tree lighting program, had a big surprise when fellow residents and staff members danced a flash mob, choreographed and led by Erin Parsley.  


You're never too old to stretchbreathemove and feel good in your body!  
Erin specializes in working with senior citizens - at all ages and stages of physical abilities (including those in wheel chairs). 
She loves seeing the transformation that occurs as she leads them in shaking off the doldrums - and experiencing an amazing new sense of vitality, happiness, and enlivening energy!  
Whether through her Seniors Life Dance classes, or through special events she creates like this surprise flash mob (see video above) at a retirement community holiday tree lighting event - Erin will inspire those in the golden years of their life to find their own invigorating Life Dance! 
Watch this short video to hear what it's like to work with Erin:
 “I hired Erin Parsley because of the beautiful letter she wrote, where she expressed her commitment to having dance available to people of all ages, and I just like the whole vibe of her, so I hired her to do the flash mob.  And I can tell you I’ve been very, very pleased with the result.  
She’s been very patient, and very understanding of our special needs people; and a lot of fun to be around - a very gentle, fun person.  I’m definitely going to hire her again.  Maybe even to do some kind of dance therapy with the most frail of my seniors.  
So if you’re out there and you’re looking for someone to pull off a flash mob, or to teach a dance class or private tutoring, or anything with your child, with your older parent, maybe someone who has dementia - I would recommend Erin for that.  Feel free to contact me at Paradise Valley Estates if you’d like more information.”
Denise Flowerday - Life Enrichment Manager @ Paradise Valley Estates
Paradise Valley Flash Mob 12-5-14
Seniors rocking their flash mob - led by Erin Parsley - at Paradise Valley Estates
"Erin has been an enthusiastic leader, and gotten us moving and kicking up our heels!  It’s been energizing and fun and totally simple and easy, and we can totally do it!"   Margo & Fred
"I’m ninety now, and I’m still dancing... this has been great fun!  With the whole range of people doing this - it’s just been great!  We thank you our wonderful teacher... I appreciate the warm up too."           Jan Holderness
"I just wanted to tell you Erin that I’ve really enjoyed this.  I just thoroughly loved it, and learned a lot!  Thank you."   Pat Wolf