August 24, 2014

Dancing with the Light

Dancing with the sunlight just now... sometimes it is a strobe effect so don't be blinded!   

Letting the Light return and MOVE me again…

dancing: Erin Parsley

June 2, 2014

Help get me (Erin) back to California!!!

Help get me (Erin) back to California!!!   

Hello darling family, friends, fans & supporters ~

Guess what??????  After 8 years of my adventure living and dancing and homesteading in the wild mountains of BC, the time has come for my return to the golden state of California!!!  Yes I know, my home state has been missing me, and is excitedly awaiting my return!  .... well that's what I have heard through the gravevine anyway ;-D .

But here's the thing: it's expensive and kinda crazy difficult to move from here to there... and am still not sure how to make it happen... so that's where YOU come in!

Any amount you can donate as a love offering to help me fund this big move, will allow me to actually make it happen, and come back and CREATE my life ANEW!  I'm planning on doing this REALLY SOON, and anything and everything you can share is happily appreciated.  ANY amount... even a few bucks (or more!) will help. Really!


**These are some of the expenses that are involved**
$700.00 for the smallest Uhual truck rental
$400.00 for gas
$240.00 for 3 nights motel along the way
$200.00 for 2 months storage in San Francisco (estimated)

I am SO STOKED to be in the loving presence of all my darling peeps in California again ... 

and to all of my West Kootenay friends ... I will miss you all dearly, but rest assured I will be back to visit ... the magic of this land and your sweet spirits won't let me stay away for good!

and for all of you whom I love who are spread across the world... we are blessed to continue to connect virtually through our HEARTS!

And if you can help me spread the word by sharing this on your FB or Google+ or email... that would also be a tremendous help!!

~~**~~ THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU ALL!!! ~~**~~
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EVERY CENT of donations goes to fund my relocation...
this funding site doesn't take a penny!  How cool is that?

April 30, 2014

April 24, 2014

"Counting Stars" LifeDANCE-A-LONG video with Erin

Okay, so, here's the deal... these videos are all spontaneous bursts of DANCING JOY where I have a blast making it all up as I go along!

And YOU are TOTALLY INVITED to DANCE-A-LONG with me as you watch!  That's right: GET YOUR BODY MOVING & feel your ENERGY and VIBES RISE!!!

Another way I raise my vibes every day is with the necklace you see me wearing, from an awesome, love-filled company called  VibesUP.  They hand-make vibrational energy products that really work!  To check them out CLICK HERE

"Discover Your Own Luminous Essence & Let Life Dance Through You!"
with Erin Parsley ~ Dance Artist, Poet, Speaker & Transformational Facilitator

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video in HD
music by OneRepublic