January 3, 2016

Erin performing in the SF Movement Arts Festival

100+ local artists in Dance, Theater & Music – 

SFMAF will be celebrating the new yr 2016 & past yr 2015 in movement arts of the SF/Bay Area – as we turn the entire Cathedral into a stage – including upstairs main church, downstairs conference center, gymnasium, hallways & 3 chapels. As audience enters Grace, performances will be going on, simultaneously, throughout the grand cathedral. There’ll be over 14 Stations of the Movement (performances) , each will have a unique subject & title – few will be religious in nature, most will not. There’s no specific order as it’s A Walkabout in Grace thru the Movement Arts.

Few stations will have music, some in silence, others w/verbal speaking or chanting. There’ll even be a “Movement Choir” like you’ve never seen before.

As you stroll around, at your own pace, to witness the movement artists, we’ll be celebrating plus saluting the history of dance, theater and music. In addition, giving a special nod to Grace Cathedral itself by honoring the space, the leaders and staff of the Church. There will be plenty of areas to sit and rest as you go.

Local artists will be presenting new works, custom designed for the interior sites of the Cathedral. Like attending a Farmer’s Market of performances…

There will be a dessert reception w/Performance Antics downstairs afterward – all invited & you won’t want to miss this. 

Info: www.SFMAF.org Join us!

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