December 21, 2012

December 12, 2012

Phase 2

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My name is Erin Parsley.  
I am a performing dance artistchoreographer, dance educator (for all ages and abilities!), poet, organic gardener, all natural food preserver & preparer extrodinare, passionate nature lover and committed consciousness raiser!  (WHEW!  ;~)
**You can visit my websites to experience my poems, dances, and vision**     and 
I've been through a huge heap of challenges in my life (you can read about one major one here:, and with preserverence and courage an ever-increasing dose of self-love, I've gotten through them to come out on the other side a transformed woman!
So... my creative abilities are ever expanding thanks to clearing out the GUNK of accumulated life experiences, and the inspiration is FLOWING like a mighty river now!
But it is time to take it to the next level so that I can really SHARE all this goodness with the world on a wider and more sustainable scale.
That's where you come in.... :D

Help me become an Inspired & Creative Entrepreneur (and say bye-bye to the "starving artist" paradigm)!

I am so ready for this!!!
And I'm committing to this next big step by signing up for a private, focused, intensive 6-week coaching program with Julie Ann Turner, Strategic Planner and Creative Consultant who is the visionary behind  She has a crazy-good track record... you can check it out here:
I've already spent a few hours on the phone with Julie Ann, and am on fire with the possibilities we have explored together!  I have also been in contact with other women who have gone through this coaching themselves, to get a better understanding of how this experience has impacted their lives.  Here's some info about it, and what graduates have to say:
Part of her company's mission is:
"To help each person fulfill his or her unique, individual potential
and fulfill his or her unique contribution to others."
"To help individuals envision, map, and realize higher-level purposes,
relationships, careers and community contributions for their lives."
Can you hear me sing out a resounding "YES!!!"? 

The Stats:

Total cost of the program is $2500. 
(In my first campaign, I started off small by raising the initial $500 I needed as a deposit for this program.  And it happened!  Thank you!!!)
**So now it is time to raise the balance of the investment I need to enroll and complete the training!  Again, I am asking for less than I actually need because once I reach my goal of $1000, I can continue receiving contributions over that amount.**

 What This Will Mean for Me:

Watch the video above (and the one I made for the first campaign in the gallery) to see me tell you in person... :~)

GO HERE to view my campaign, see what PERKS await you with your contribution, and DONATE!

Other Ways You Can Help:

Other Ways You Can Help:

If you believe in me and in what I am doing, but cannot contribute financially at this time, there are other awesome ways you can help me by:
Telling all your friends by using the magical IndieGogo tools at the top of this page below the video!  
And "favorite" to follow my updates. 
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My most sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to all who can help me in bringing this new vision and journey into creation!

Huge Love to All as together we birth a new world!!! 

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