August 20, 2011

Little Friend

I gently touched 
the velvety soft petals
of a tiny purple flower
and she smiled
back at me
whispered a secret
that made my heart glad:
We love you as you love us.

August 13, 2011

To the Woman who Showed me LOvE

To my beloved grandmother ('nanny')
Would have been your 
80th birthday,
and so I say
Thank you.

Thank you
For being 
One of the very brightest lights
I have ever witnessed
and had the honor to know.

You were LOVE at every moment.
You showed me how to BE LOVE.
Your Love of your Creator shone through your soul, 
enlightened your life, and enabled you to pour forth a great river of blessings on all those lucky enough to know you.

And now you are my Angel, 
sending Love and Protection
from the realms of Light.

I love you Nanny,
and again I thank you for 
your presence, your guidance,
and your LOVE.

August 1, 2011

The Empty Cup

Resting in the silence
I wait

Ready to be filled by Your Spirit


Their tightly held grip loosing
Releasing the pain of their presence

As I breathe into You

In this spacious silence 
I fall away
And am filled with a boundless 
River of cosmic light
Merging into the 
Unified field of consciousness

Where all is One 
And I Am in You
And You Are in Me

A Union Divine
The Sacred Meeting