August 13, 2011

To the Woman who Showed me LOvE

To my beloved grandmother ('nanny')
Would have been your 
80th birthday,
and so I say
Thank you.

Thank you
For being 
One of the very brightest lights
I have ever witnessed
and had the honor to know.

You were LOVE at every moment.
You showed me how to BE LOVE.
Your Love of your Creator shone through your soul, 
enlightened your life, and enabled you to pour forth a great river of blessings on all those lucky enough to know you.

And now you are my Angel, 
sending Love and Protection
from the realms of Light.

I love you Nanny,
and again I thank you for 
your presence, your guidance,
and your LOVE.


nina said...

What a beautiful tribute, I can see her influence in you. I am sure she is pleased and comforted with the way you are dealing with the journey.

Erin Parsley said...

Thank you dear Nina.

There is so much I wish to share with her now, but I feel she knows anyway, as Love connects across all dimensions.

Anonymous said...

I have a grandfather the same,although he died when I was very young,I can still feel his presence,i loved him deeply and wish I knew him as an adult on the material plane....

if I was your grandmother mrs life I would be proud of who you are....

love and respects...neil

Anonymous said...

i wish i could have met her and i wish you could have met mine.
luckily their Love meet through our eyes every day.
thanks to all grandmothers.
especially to the grandest mother of all, our earth mother.

Anonymous said...

"Nanny" along with beautiful Susan, Erin, Amy are the greatest Light and Love I know!

Erin Parsley said...

Yes neil, it's difficult to miss the ones we really really love when such beautiful, resonant connections seem to be so few and far between.

Thank you for your kind words.

Erin Parsley said...

Agreed anonymous, and thank you for your thoughts. And yes, deepest respects to the Mother of us all...

Erin Parsley said...

Thank you dad... you are blessed with love, aren't you? :)

Addie K said...

I feel so blessed to have known Nanny when I was young. Now that I have grown up I appreciate her generosity of love even more. A beautiful fitting tribute, Erin. love, Addie

Erin Parsley said...

Thank you Addie for sharing here.

I am also happy you carry the love and memory of her in your heart. She was a grandmother to so many, beyond her blood relations. I am glad you were one. ;D

Anonymous said...

warming abbundance
air full of glow
ancient stars whisper
smile of rainbows
lifting all unity
stirring the sky
paradise calling
birds flying high
old loving all things
buttercup wing
swirling intensity
of love form within
lines of the essence's
harmonys bloom
past present future
sun and the moon


have another smile mrs life and some respects....neil

Erin Parsley said...

beautiful neil, thank you.