February 24, 2013

~ Rest in Peace, Neil Rogers ~

Dearest Neil,

I want to write you a poem,
But I am so sad the words will not come.
Maybe you, as the vessel of beautiful words that you were
Can help me
For I am at a loss.

How is it out there, in the land of stars?
Was John Lash right…
Are we heading in a beautiful new direction with Gaia-Sophia?
Sometimes I wish I could dance with the stars, 
rather than being down here in this crazy place.
And now that you're there, can you whisper some wisdom to me?

Or maybe you are in the forest, where you always wanted to be.
Or maybe you are in every place that is lovely, all at once.
Is that how it works?

What will we do without your poems, 
sprinkled here and there across our favorite places?
Sweet, beautiful heart-lifting gems,
flavoring so many sites with inspiration and loving visions.

I loved your visions.
Your songs in words.
Their melodies danced in my heart, 
a happy little jig, bringing lightness and joy.

What will we do without those songs, 
sung straight from your spirit?
Those notes of love and compassion, humility and care.
You spread them far and wide, without fuss, 
easily sharing what came from your heart, 
generously bringing light to us all.

I wanted to write a poem.
But my heart feels heavy.
Maybe this will suffice 
to express how much I appreciate you.
I kneel in deep reverence for the gift that you were, are, 
and will continue to be.
Your reverence for the earth in all its wonder and beauty,
so apparent in your expression, 
lives strong in me, 
and in your poems, 
and in the hearts of those you inspired with them.

Rest in peace.
And navigate the heavens,
free as the birds and the planets.
They were always you.
That is why you loved them so.


On February 22nd, 2013 Neil Rogers passed away.  

I was told it was in his sleep.

He was only 42.

This was sudden, unexpected.

What an incredible loss.  

His loving spirit will live on.

But we will miss him.

We send love to his son, Keelan.

Rest in peace, Neil Rogers, rest in peace.