October 20, 2012

Help Erin become an Inspired, Creative Entrepreneur!

My name is Erin Parsley.

I am a performing dance artistchoreographer, dance educator (for all ages and abilities!), poet, organic gardener, all natural food preserver & preparer extrodinare, passionate nature lover and committed consciousness raiser!  (WHEW!  ;~)

**You can visit my websites to experience my poems, dances, and vision**         www.erinparsley.com     and      www.youtube.com/eepdances

I've been through a huge heap of challenges in my life (you can read about one major one here: http://bit.ly/Ra5eUR), and with preserverence and courage an ever-increasing dose of self-love, I've gotten through them to come out on the other side a transformed woman!

So... my creative abilities are ever expanding thanks to clearing out the GUNK of accumulted life experiences, and the inspiration is FLOWING like a mighty river now!

But it is time to take it to the next level so that I can really SHARE all this goodness with the world on a wider and more sustainable scale.

That's where you come in.... :D

Help me become an Inspired & Creative Entrepreneur (and say bye-bye to the "starving artist" paradigm)!
I am so ready for this!!!

And I'm committing to this next big step by signing up for a private, focused, intensive 6-week coaching program with Julie Ann Turner, Strategic Planner and Creative Consultant who is the visionary behind CreatorsGuide.com.  She has a crazy-good track record... you can check it out here: http://bit.ly/RGIGNy

Here's more about the program I'm enrolling in, and what graduates have to say: http://bit.ly/WASs56

Part of her company's mission is:
"To help each person fulfill his or her unique, individual potential and fulfill his or her unique contribution to others."
"To help individuals envision, map, and realize higher-level purposes, relationships, careers and community contributions for their lives."

Can you hear me sing out a resounding "YES!!!"?  

The Stats:
Total cost of the program is $2500. 

I'm starting off small by asking to raise the initial $500 I need to be able to sign up by October 29th, the deadline for this opportunity at this price.

(and to receive $500 after campaign fees I need to shoot for $550)

**But ultimately I will need more to complete the intensive, so the campaign will continue as I will need to raise an additional $2000 by the end of the year.**

GO HERE to view my campaign, see what PERKS await you with your contribution, and DONATE!

What This Will Mean for Me:
Watch the video above to see me tell you in person... :~)

Other Ways You Can Help:
If you believe in me and in what I am doing, but cannot contribute financially at this time, there are other awesome ways you can help me by:

Telling all your friends by clicking on one or more of the sharing tools below this post 
(or from the campaign page which has it's own share buttons).  

And click "follow" on the campaign page to follow my updates. 

Again, that link is: 

My most sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to all who can help me in bringing this new vision and journey into creation!
Huge Love to All as together we birth a new world!!!