October 20, 2012

Help Erin become an Inspired, Creative Entrepreneur!

My name is Erin Parsley.

I am a performing dance artistchoreographer, dance educator (for all ages and abilities!), poet, organic gardener, all natural food preserver & preparer extrodinare, passionate nature lover and committed consciousness raiser!  (WHEW!  ;~)

**You can visit my websites to experience my poems, dances, and vision**         www.erinparsley.com     and      www.youtube.com/eepdances

I've been through a huge heap of challenges in my life (you can read about one major one here: http://bit.ly/Ra5eUR), and with preserverence and courage an ever-increasing dose of self-love, I've gotten through them to come out on the other side a transformed woman!

So... my creative abilities are ever expanding thanks to clearing out the GUNK of accumulted life experiences, and the inspiration is FLOWING like a mighty river now!

But it is time to take it to the next level so that I can really SHARE all this goodness with the world on a wider and more sustainable scale.

That's where you come in.... :D

Help me become an Inspired & Creative Entrepreneur (and say bye-bye to the "starving artist" paradigm)!
I am so ready for this!!!

And I'm committing to this next big step by signing up for a private, focused, intensive 6-week coaching program with Julie Ann Turner, Strategic Planner and Creative Consultant who is the visionary behind CreatorsGuide.com.  She has a crazy-good track record... you can check it out here: http://bit.ly/RGIGNy

Here's more about the program I'm enrolling in, and what graduates have to say: http://bit.ly/WASs56

Part of her company's mission is:
"To help each person fulfill his or her unique, individual potential and fulfill his or her unique contribution to others."
"To help individuals envision, map, and realize higher-level purposes, relationships, careers and community contributions for their lives."

Can you hear me sing out a resounding "YES!!!"?  

The Stats:
Total cost of the program is $2500. 

I'm starting off small by asking to raise the initial $500 I need to be able to sign up by October 29th, the deadline for this opportunity at this price.

(and to receive $500 after campaign fees I need to shoot for $550)

**But ultimately I will need more to complete the intensive, so the campaign will continue as I will need to raise an additional $2000 by the end of the year.**

GO HERE to view my campaign, see what PERKS await you with your contribution, and DONATE!

What This Will Mean for Me:
Watch the video above to see me tell you in person... :~)

Other Ways You Can Help:
If you believe in me and in what I am doing, but cannot contribute financially at this time, there are other awesome ways you can help me by:

Telling all your friends by clicking on one or more of the sharing tools below this post 
(or from the campaign page which has it's own share buttons).  

And click "follow" on the campaign page to follow my updates. 

Again, that link is: 

My most sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to all who can help me in bringing this new vision and journey into creation!
Huge Love to All as together we birth a new world!!! 


Anonymous said...

Skint mrs life,,,, as usual really,,,,
But if I did have some money I would definately give some to you,hope everything goes really well,,,,,

Neil. : )

Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin Parsley said...

Thank you neil. I understand and I appreciate your holding the vision for me!

Erin Parsley said...

I'm sorry you feel that way Cap'n Spadgett.

You are of course entitled to your own opinion, though I don't understand where you are getting that from...

Would you like me to rescind your former comment on my last posting as well, as it seems you have changed your mind about me?

Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin Parsley said...

Umm, I was going to respond to your comment, but you've deleted it. I'm confused! Well, I'll leave the response I had for you anyway ;~)


Okay Cap'n Spadgett, thank you for the clarification. I am happy to know you were not talking about me! :)

And I appreciate your concern, and for voicing it as it shows your care for my wellbeing. And you have valid points! I am continuing to vet this woman and program, and will really consider it's potential value to be able to move me forward. (I did have an initial 1.5 hour phone call/interview with her already, and am familiar with her work and feel very much in alignment with her and the goals and outcomes that the goal of this coaching.)

I am really looking for some concrete and actionable guidance as to how to do this, to move myself forward and upward, and create income from the value I share with the world (which in decades of being this creative being has barely happened for me... and I'm done with that!), so I can continue and not be stuck and empower others as well!

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, guidance I am open to...

I do have great trust in the divine, and also trust in myself. I just need to know how to shift! It's TIME! :D


Steve said...

HI Erin,

Sorry for confusing you, I had not heard a response from you re my second post, so in thinking I had offended you I removed them both. (shrug shoulders) I now see you are a little tougher than that:-)

The moving forward and upward thing is a tricky one. As you know there is a paradigm shift going on and as we grow and change we can sometimes feel the need to see the same growth and change in the external world of so called progress. This doesn't have to be the case although I guess it could be.

A sense of contentment, perseverance and endurance will serve you well whatever the outcome.

If you could afford this coarse and you could see it enhancing your momentum in that direction then I would most likely say go for it, she probably has great success in the corporate world. But is that you? I dunno? My wary buttons come on when I had a look at her site, but we are all different even though we are the same and I don't want to go projecting my wonky ways onto you.

So, its your call.

Look at Vis as an example of all the people he inspires on a dime. You don't need money for success.
All the shit he gets put through and still he keeps on keeping on barely mentioning the half of it.

Endure, do your thing and be wary of the traps of Maya.


Anonymous said...

Flowering above
On golden wings
Circling inwards
Where everywhere sings
A heart to the moon
The blossoming touch
Of heavenly passion
The calling up
In love is a mountain
Of luminous grace
Warming in frequency
Midsummers embrace
A walk through the garden
A turning of mind
The shine of the sunlight
On the chords of sublime


I know it's the same as always mrs life
But it felt so nice saying it,,
Hope everything goes really well for you...

Neil : )