November 6, 2012

keep your dreams alive...

keep your dreams alive...

for they are in divine escrow
waiting for you to allow them to be
waiting for you to open up to receive
waiting for you to raise your frequencies 
to become that which is in alignment
with all that you see
as your passionate & joyful possibilities!!


Zoner said...

Thank you for the reminder to be open to allowing gifts to be granted. Too much time spent here trying to "earn" them I suppose. What is a gift, anyway? Something from the heart I suspect, with no expectations attached?

Surely something to be honored and not taken lightly. Even a simple breath feels like a gift sometimes.......

Anonymous said...

A concepting virtuous beauty of never ending
painting songbirds of dimensional emblems
In wild eyed streaks
Kissed through forests in an abstraction of timelessness
Residing the skys where universe's twist into pinnacles
Refining pulsations of pouting absolution
Spiralling indigo yellow harmonic clusters
Looming the nature of white orange and green


Anonymous said...

Erin I love that music,,,
It wanders secrets through the air
You are a dove,,,
That's so completely obvious
You are art

Neil. : )

Erin Parsley said...

You are so welcome Z.. I am reminding myself as well!

"What is a gift, anyway? Something from the heart I suspect, with no expectations attached?"

I am coming to deeply understand that the Divine loves us more than we can ever possibly know with our cognitive minds, and with the depth of unconditional LOVE that God is, how can we continue to imagine ourselves anything other than the abundantly blessed children of divinity that WE ARE?

We are here to find out the truth about ourselves, and it is much MORE than we have been trained to believe!!! Abundance, fulfillment, and prosperity is our divine birthright!

Love to you, Erin

Erin Parsley said...

Thank you Neil... :))

the music wanders secrets through the air....

that is poetry right there (but you always speak poetically, don't you? ;)

to BE art in every moment.... YES!!!