December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

After a heavy cloud cover all day, the sun is now shining through and burning away 
the clouds, revealing blue skies and snowy peaks all around.  
I have been waiting for this, 
as I sensed the returning light would reveal itself on this day of Christmas.

May the Inner Light that exists in all of us
be birthed anew on this day, 
and may you beam your true inner radiance out into the world 
(a world that in this time needs us all to shine brightly and unfettered).

Peace and rich blessings to all ......


Light Keeper said...

Just wandered here for the first time, very nice blog, I'll be returning. Have to say, I love your dance improvisation videos! You move beautifully, your body is well placed, and you've got very good technique. I so enjoy watching you dance! :)

You may get a kick out of this little coincidence, dance (ballet) was my first love and profession too. It's been some years since I retired, but my love for dance never wanes.

Blessings to you dear one,
Light Keeper

Erin Parsley said...

You had a career in dance as well? That feels like more than a "little" coincidence! So of course I'm curious, where did you dance?

My background is in ballet also. Here is my dance site

I'm so glad you enjoy my videos. I adore improvisation. I love crafting dances as well, but my choreography always starts out from my improvisations. I am finding that as I open myself more and more to the flow of Life, the movement flows out of me ever more effortlessly and abundantly as well.

Light Keeper said...

Agreed, more than a little coincidence :) I danced many of Choo San Goh's works. Before your time I believe, though you may know of him. He was very young when he passed over. Still miss him, he was an explosive talent and very close friend. I went on to social services and practicing family law after I retired. Now I'm creating something new, which will launch soon. Something I believe will create opportunities for people work in new ways as the systems go down. That is the mission at least.

Life does ebb and flow onward....