January 2, 2011

My Views of the New Year...

brilliant sunny winter day

with shining bits of crystal snow
floating down from above
sparkling little sun catchers
on a meandering dance through air and space


neil said...

blue skys and evergreens
cloud puffs in white
dream laden sanctifying
brush mountain heights
with sights of the stars
glisten through winter
on song trails of essences
and warm fire tinder
gathered in moments
of freshness infused
reaching the place
of revitalised new.


Erin Parsley said...

perfect embodiment neil, thank you.

how did you know to include mention of stars?? the sky was BRILLIANT here 3 nights ago, and i just wrote a poem last night called star song in honor. i will post it sometime later.

regarding that...

Coming Together

Coincidence(ity) it's not
Attunement brings
in Aligning experience
Understanding with Clarity
one's true Higher Path

neil said...

definately,mrs parsley,that star just wandered in their,it had a strong feeling in it so I followed it,this sort of thing happens over at les's and nina's quite a lot,I wonder what would happen if say 200 people opened up a creative space at the same time?

anyway you have a lovely day mrs parsley.

Light Keeper said...

I love the beauty surrounding you. Thank you for sharing :)