February 15, 2011

In winter's midst

steel gray white silver blue
deep shadows retreating
into mountain crevices
clouds covering sky hidden
sun shining in memories
of warm breezes
while cold winds
announce their presence
with lashing strikes
of frigid air                                    

creation quiet
life is sleeping
concealed under 
a white carpet                         
heavy and thick
dreams in hibernation
energies contract            
conserving being
internal spark simmering
at a low temperature
just enough to maintain
what is needed

dark falls early and lasts long
patience required
and trust too
that which feels dead, 
which feels lost, which feels gone
still exists, waiting in silence
readying itself for renewal
as winter slowly exits
and spring returns      


nina said...

Lovely writing. Are these views what you see from your home?

I'm tired of winter too, although much of it appears to be mixed up with fall and spring. I find myself putting off certain activities, waiting for summer. The light is still too short for long painting sessions. Snow predicted again today, comes in with dense fogs, rain, slush and hail then it turns to flakes.

Erin Parsley said...

Thank you Nina. Yes, these pictures are all taken from my home. It gets dark here extremely early in winter, but the flip side is that we get very long days in the summer. Snowing again today, with big slushy flakes that meander around, in no rush to find the ground.

It must be interesting to depend on the light to be able to create your artwork. That is not the case for me obviously, but dance does require its own special conditions, such as a proper floor, etc.

su said...

god what beauty.
and water, please please pretty please can i come and play with you.
but only in summer when the days are long.
i am allergic to darkness.

Erin Parsley said...

of course you can su! we get over 18 hours of light at the solstice, so you could breathe easily then. and yes, so much beauty all around I am in constant reverent amazement.

the background picture for the blog is of a lake 10 minutes from my home with nary a man-made structure in sight. I like to go kayaking there, with my little hound at the prow.

su said...

you are astonishingly blessed to live in such beauty.
you must be that personified.....

Erin Parsley said...

being here has changed me, opened me, brought me to myself, and all that is.

i would be honored to express a small portion of the magnificent perfection of nature.

Anonymous said...

blue sky rivers
golden topped heights
evergreen whispers
lift inner light
summer tipped flowers
beams of sun shine
glisten the meadows
harmonys line
unfolding uplifting
deeply profound
round on the cycles
drawn on the sound
reaching of goodness
stirring the wind
spinning in streams
weaving the spring


mrs life,the poem you wrote is really nice,sorry I'm really late again..
and your so lucky to live in a place like that it is beautiful... neil

Erin Parsley said...

thank you neil.