February 8, 2011

Ode to Joe

Joe Bageant, a wonderfully astute, tell-it-like-it-is writer who never fails to pierce the heart of modern day society's lunacy with wit and humor, has fallen gravely ill, as he explains here:    A note from Joe

My Ode to Joe
Dear Joe:
just so you know,
I love your writing,
yeah I love your prose
You've made me smile
all the way down to my toes
now I'm sending you healing
all the way up to your nose
So this little rhyme
though it ain't worth a dime,
was written to say
please God, let him stay -
don't send Bageant away!

A favorite snippet of Bageant writing:

"The tiniest right action, the action in complete unself-conscious natural awareness, connects to all the rightness in the universe. And the universe is always right. Because it owns all of our asses, plus black holes, and those teensy pinholes in time that physicist say make you an immediate neighbor of Shakespeare and mastodons -- only you don't know it. It owns the molecules of the ages. Everything."

Best wishes for the best outcome Joe, and peace in the journey.


Gregg said...

excellent words. great idea. i think i'll steal it, if you don't mind.

i've been wanting to do something for joe for a while, but didn't know what... this is about the best we can do.

it is, though, kind of daunting to write for joe, no?

peace, g.brazel

Erin Parsley said...

Hello Gregg, welcome here.

You are free to repost what i have written, just please include a link back here for attribution.

And yes, writing for Joe, a master of words, can feel daunting, but i was inspired to honor him regardless, as he has inspired me.

I took a peak at your site/s. It looks like we are of the same leanings. Great ideas, beautiful concepts.

Gregg said...

Hi LiC,

yes, if i use your words, i will definitely post a link back... by 'steal' i was just referring to the idea of posting an ode to joe.

see you 'round the intertubes.

Gregg said...

hi erin,

i checked out some of your dances... really, beautiful, really.

i must admit a total ignorance of modern dance (all, really), but i definitely do see/feel something in your expressions.

keep it up.

peace, g

Erin Parsley said...

I am happy you were touched by my dance offerings. There are more at my channel on YouTube

Dance has been my life for 26 years, and I have no plans to stop as far ahead as I can see!

Anonymous said...

rainbow fingers
summer gold
vibrations raise
open closed
sunbeam glisten
stream inside
reaching wander
fill with life
union gather
harmony lift
sound of stars
essence drift
on silent whisper
hum of earth
healing streams
nature work


Anonymous said...

be well soon joe,your writings are needed

respects and healings...neil