February 28, 2011

All that you're seeking already exists...

Pray without ceasing
Embody the feeling
Of that which you're seeking
With all of your being
No need to "pray for" 
To plead, or implore
The answers you seek
Aren't so far as you think
They already exist 
Open up, don't resist
Help is found all around
Call it up, bring it down
So to open the door,
Feel it down to your core
It is already there:
All your answers to prayer


nelson said...

just what my soul needed this morning.
thank you again.

Anonymous said...

nice poem as usual mrs life,
hard week for me over here all sorts of weird happenings and polava going on..

....respects neil

Erin Parsley said...

sorry to hear that neil. life is testing sometimes, no matter how we try to conduct ourselves through it. i'm sending you peace from the mountains....

Anonymous said...

thank you mrs life,I accept your mountain peace....neil

Anonymous said...

calm of mountain sky
reach of charging sea
sweep of loving touch
releasing harmony
loving being be
the flowers and the birds
expressions of the tree
seeds of lifting life
creatively inspired
beam of shining sun
circulating higher
lifting heart on fire
reverberating all
union in embracing
in lifes conscious school

Erin Parsley said...

May we as humans be as "loving being be" as the flowers and the trees!

Nature and creation is truly the most powerfully loving inspiring heart lifting realm in which to exist, I believe.

Anonymous said...

me too mrs life...neil