March 8, 2013


Feminine Rising ~ by Erin Parsley


You are Beauty
You are Strength
You are Wisdom
You are Love
You are Comfort
You are Peace
You are Fierce
You are Free
You are the Mystery of Creation
embodied in form, 
Life flows through
the Sacred Vessel of your being
Nourishing this world into existence
Birthing dreams into form
You are Luminous
You are Knowing
You are Endowing
You are Radiant
You are Brilliant
You are Woman

To all my Sisters, 
please remember you are full of Light and Beauty, 
and your essence is innocence and infinite perfection.

Let us celebrate ourselves today, 
in honor of International Women's Day.

I Love You,
~ Erin ~



su said...

Thank you Erin.
We are Light.

nelson said...

another stellar message from the sunbeam in my life...many will find truth in your words because it reminds them of what the source whispered to them so long ago.

Anonymous said...


saw your post about One Billion Rising, and the epidemic of violence against women.

This may hold true in 3rd world countries like India, where women ACTUALLY ARE abused and treated like crap.

But in America and Europe, aka western women, not only do women have equal rights, they have MORE rights than men do. And yes, the women generally do abuse their superior legal rights- making false rape accusations (some estimates that up to 80 percent of rape accusations are FALSE), making FALSE domestic violence charges against men (nevermind that it is estimated that 30 PERCENT of DV is women physically abusing men).

Also, everyone knows the legal system and divorce courts are extremely biased against men in the West. A woman can destroy a man financially in divorce, 90 percent of alimony and child support payers are WOMEN.

Funny, how western women are not DEMANDING EQUALITY in those areas. Western women are not DEMANDING that women should be forced to register for the draft, just like men.

And on and on it goes, the blatant hypocrisy of western women.

Men in the west have no legal rights at all, and can have their life ruined by one false accusation by a woman. But oh yea, you women are always the victims, of course. Even when you are clearly in the position of being the bully and the fascist.

MISANDRY. The most under-used word in the English language, that describes the condition of western women perfectly.

Misandry= the hatred of men.

Erin Parsley said...

Thank you, and love and peace to you Su and Nelson.

Erin Parsley said...


if you wanna start a fight, you won't get one here.

I don't engage with anonymous trolls.

su said...

Thinking of you today.
Did you say Neil's funeral was today.
Pretty cool if it is.

Erin Parsley said...

Thank you Su.
Yes, it was today.
And yes, you're right: