January 1, 2013

My Vision for our New World & Humanity

Happy New Year Everyone!

I SEE a new world happening that WE are creating!

A world where we are ALL needed to share our gifts, love and creativity and be honored for exactly who we are.            

A world we CO-CREATE where mutual cooperation and respect for the divinity in every brilliant living expression of God/Source/Creation/Love/Universe/Light is celebrated, whether human, animal, plant or element of nature.

A world full of conscious, awake, caring individuals joining together their mutual energies to hold sacred the web of life of which we are all a part.

A world in the which our beloved planet Earth is cared for and loved with the intimate tenderness of a beloved family member, so that she (Mother Nature) and we may THRIVE in our intricate dance of mutual connectivity.

I SEE each and every individual coming into the full awareness of the beauty, power and light that they are, while falling into deep and blissful communion with the truth of their real nature, which is perfect at its core.

Letting go of all the old stories keeping us down... making us believe that we are powerless, that we are victims to circumstance, our history, our stories, others or our own limiting ideas about what is possible for ourselves and our world.

Letting go of all that entraps our vision of possibility, seeing only what is and has been, rather than what can be and what we desire to BRING into BEING.

I see a JOYFUL explosion of divinely inspired creative expression creating a tsunami of positive change for our world, sweeping away old structures that have held all of life back and kept us demoralized.

I SEE an opening in the awareness of HUMANITY unwilling to play small any longer, but realizing NOW is the TIME to step out into their biggest, boldest visions of what they wish to CREATE.

I see EACH PERSON following their inner guidance and coming into their own true KNOWING as to how they may be their greatest CONTRIBUTION to the world.

This is what I SEE for 2013 and beyond…

With deep love and honor for the gift that YOU ARE,

And now I ask:

What are your visions for our world?


Anonymous said...

Happy new year Erin and beautiful message...neil

Anonymous said...

I see a world where love is the guiding force, not money. I see a world where no person goes hungry, and no person owns half the wealth of the world. I see a world of freedom that is no longer held in tryanny by a Satanic global criminal elite. I see light, love, and happiness for Yahweh's children. Light, love, and peace to all :o).

Erin Parsley said...

Thank you for your comments. :)

Anonymous, that sounds good to me as well!

And so it is, and so it shall be...

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Erin:

Similar, but I'd use different words and I see it a long time in the making.

Kindest & warmest regards,