November 4, 2011


Away from the
Psychic noise of civilization
The patient voice
of the Great Creator
Speaks to me
in generous warmth
A soothing balm
On my spirit
Chasing away the shadows
Awakening connection
to Life


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello dear:

You are truly connected and inspired during your writing.

Nice poem,

Bushukshi said...


Once again, I thank you sister.
You seem to consistently find a way to help me be able to smell the roses even in the midst of feeling the thorns.
From my little corner of the canopy.....


Erin Parsley said...

Hello Mike,

Thank you for coming here and for sharing your kind feedback.

All my best,

Erin Parsley said...

And you dear Bushukshi have a beautiful manner of expression, which I so appreciate.

It is a blessing to me to be able to help you, so thank you. We all need support in accessing the goodness that is inherent, and yet so elusive in our world.


nina said...

It is always a happy, refreshing time to visit this blog Erin. And you've made it even more so with Cooper at the top. He is such a heart warmer. I really see him. You two are a perfect pair.

PS Someday, please send me your recipes for his foods. Thanks in advance.

Love, nina

Anonymous said...

weaving and pushing
pulling the chords
inwards and outwards
the heart of earth calls
in rythms and colors
sensations that climb
fill the heart full
and open the mind
signs of the wonders
in essence of change
gracing of unity
call of the plains
in flames of vitality
wholesome and free
the birds and the rivers
the truth and the sea


have a poem mrs life,and sorry I missed the last post.....

deep love and gratitudes to you mrs life.....neil

Erin Parsley said...

I am so happy to hear that nina. We need refreshment in life, don't we? That is exactly how I feel being nurtured by the beauty around me, and what I desire to transmit here.

It is interesting that you say you can really see Cooper. I feel the same way. There is so much to see in him. He has such a complex, deep personality, and a presence that shines through his eyes and his manner. So many that meet him remark at what a little man he is. And again, with your insight, you can tell that we are a perfect match. I often marvel that it appears I met my soulmate in a little hound-wizard!

Recipe for his food is very simple. I will share in an email.

All my love,

Erin Parsley said...

hi neil!
yes, i have missed you! (and there were two posts full of pictures that have been put up lately).

your poem, as they so often do, picks up on the essence of what i am sharing, and adds to the perspective through your own style. i love that.

thank you, and i'm glad to have you back.
love, life

Anonymous said...

mrs life,havent been on any website for about a week,,,,I stagnated myself by keep buying things for building the camper, I have left it so late to get it ready as will be going in about five weeks for a travel round europe for three months,and i still havent built it yet,,,am so sorry i missed two posts and will not do that again as I feel really bad now....

mrs life you are definately an angel..... love and respects neil

Erin Parsley said...

don't feel bad! i just wanted you to know your presence was missed, but there is no obligation to be here every time. life draws all of us away to deal with it at times.

3 months around europe in a handmade home. wow! sounds very very cool. what an adventure. congrats!

Anonymous said...

am happy now,and have responded on the community site,although it was written in haste.....

love and respects....neil