October 30, 2011

Sunday Afternoon... part 2

(Where's Cooper?)

Surrounded by beauty...
my soul sings -
Great Praises to our Mother


su said...

yes, great praises to our Mother.

i find myself increasingly lying belly down on the earth.
i find myself saying to her what we were urged to share with her -

i am sorry
please forgive me
i love you.

its the only thing i know how to do.

Erin Parsley said...

I am sure she feels you, hears you, and loves you for it Su.

I know she cherishes the few humans who cherish her, who remember right relationship.

nina said...

That sounds like a fine thing to do, I'm going to try it. Let Mother know how I love her and her miraculous artworks.

Cooper is so at home in your paradise, Life! Get's cuter every time I see him. Its amazing no leash appears, I wish Bernie would do that, but his Houndness goes where the nose goes.

Erin Parsley said...

The wonderful thing about a love affair with Gaia is it never diminishes, never gets stale or unsurprising as most love affairs do. She is ever renewing herself.. ever changing... always evolving - incomprehensible in her glorious diversity. She is truly beguiling.

Cooper is at home here. He happily morphed from a city dog into a mountain hound. He loves to investigate the scent of bear and coyote and deer, and has had a standoff with a rather large skunk (luckily with no stinky consequences). And one time I looked up from my gardening to see an enormous bear's butt hulking away as Cooper was madly barking at him (that gave me quite a fright, but Cooper didn't seem at all scared). He gets offended if a leash is put on (he was trained as a pup in SF to navigate the streets off-leash).