July 5, 2011

Seven Years....

the River of Life

Saturn Return


Made it through
Not easy
Not easy at all
But worth it
For all the lessons 
learned and mastered

through the fire 
of experience 
into a truly 
New Creation

Ready, so very ready
to close that book,
with all its chapters
of pain, effort, and confusion

Relieved to be
Moving On
to new vistas
Where wide open expanses
of journeys into 
Spirit awaits

With joy and excitement
My soul calls me onward
Trusting ever so much more 
Than before
in the process of Life

Connected at all times 
to All That Is
through my Higher Self
who guides me -
She who Knows
Is One
Infinite and 
Benevolent Universe


Zoner said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures Erin, such as they are sometimes. Seeing All as a progression with change being a constant is a trip, but hopefully a worthwhile one, no?

All my best.

Erin Parsley said...

Thanks Z.

Yeah, it's a trip, but definitely worthwhile if you allow yourself to learn the lessons offered up. I am hoping that as I continue the lessons can be learned with more ease. I think so. Getting better at letting go with trust, and not so much resistance to what comes. Thanks to what I have been through, I am gaining perspective on the whole process, and that overview allows more peace, even in midst of challenges.


Anonymous said...

has it been 7 years my love?
a blink in time.
if i could only hold my eyelids open forever...

neil said...

loving true sentiment
heavens of earth
rising of sunlight
divine of all birth
harmonys wingtips
pouring sublime
shine through the senses
light of the mind
climbing high mountain
walking long road
cycles and circles
obstacles close
hearts are for opening
vibrance's true gift
uplift of a song bird
freedom to live


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Beautiful poem...Nicely done, dear.


Erin Parsley said...

Thank you Mike. Have a wonderful day.


And thank you neil for another beautiful poem.

Erin Parsley said...

How poetic of you anonymous ;) I love you too.