July 11, 2011

Daisy Dance

Electric Daisys
in moonlit dusk
standing up brightly
against the falling dark

Cheerful spots of white
dotting the fields
with hopeful yellow smiles
Leaning this way 
and that
Whispering to their 
words of encouragement:
Night cannot last 
and the day 
will come again soon!


Anonymous said...

really nice mrs life,I sometime's like to think I could of been a daisy in some far off lifetime somewhere,

respects.... neil

Anonymous said...

flower circles
meadow air
loving truth
crush despair
carefull touch
mountains leap
clasp of light
feathers reach
weaving wonder
lifes divine
living hearts
connect to mind
climbing inwards
upwards through
the garden gates
where all atune


Erin Parsley said...

Wow neil, that one was just perfect, breathtaking... Thank you!

neil said...

glad you like it mrs life....thankyou

Anonymous said...

very nice.
thank you again.

Erin Parsley said...

thank you, and you're most welcome.