April 22, 2011

Water is Life

Water rushing
River's roar
Placid lake 
Violent storms
Immense power
Sculpting stone
Carving landscapes
Since time unknown

Element essential 
To all of life
If we do not protect it
We will create strife

Taken for granted,
Polluted and used
Forgetting to honor
This gift, we abuse
The nourishing streams 
Of Gaia's great flow:
Quenching thirst
Growing life
This in love she bestows.

We must remember with thanks
What allows us to be,
Then protect our wild waters:
Running strong
Running free!


Anonymous said...

fire warming
living burst
milk and honey
sky and earth
breath of life
rushing streams
beaming sunlight
blues and greens
freeing nature
pounding essence
climbing sound
stirring presence
crowning meadow
rushing water
sun and moon
heavens walker


Anonymous said...

another really good one mrs life,really fluid again,just like running water I suppose.....

love and respects ..neil

Erin Parsley said...

Thank you and I love your poem neil, very good cadence and rhyme.

I actually wrote this for an event that took place last night that was about artists responding to 'water'. I recited this poem by memory (the first time I have ever done that in public), and then did a dance improv, and I was told that I actually 'became' water through my movements, so yes, a lot of flow to share. :)