June 10, 2011

To the One who Moves me

I wish to gaze at Your face unobstructed,
not through the interference of things humans have made.      
To be whole I need a direct connection to You. 
                           I must consecrate my entire life to You,                           
and worship at the alter of Your perfect creation. 
I wish to be surrounded by You entirely, 
so that nothing and no one distracts me from Your Eternal Truth. 
I need to melt into Your embrace, 
where the false illusions of separation fall away, 
and my spirit can be at peace. 
Without Your love I am nothing. Without Your breath I expire.
My heart is flat when Your songs I cannot hear. 
No life. No joy. 
You are everything to me, and my greatest honor is in serving You.
May I exist close to You, in Your very center.
By myself I am nothing.
But in You I am All.


neil said...

really really good poem mrs life,,


love and respects to you ...

Anonymous said...

wonderful, i've been missing your words.

Erin Parsley said...

many thanks...

su said...

i have found this
it is the sun.....